By law, your ‘due diligence’ is required to ensure their safety.

On average, over 1,000 bushfires start across Australia every single week. If your business is located in a bushfire zone, you need to be ready.

This Bushfire Awareness course gives staff the confidence and knowledge they need to stay safe when working in areas likely to experience bushfires.


This course is for:

Any staff members working in a facility that’s located in a bush fire prone area.

Course Topics:

  • Bushfire safety and survival.
  • Bushfire awareness.
  • Preparing for bushfire season.
  • Behaviour of bushfires.
  • Weather conditions, fuel, and topography.
  • Understanding warnings.
  • Preparing for an approaching fire.
  • Heat related ailments.
  • Protective clothing and equipment.
  • Co-operating with emergency services.

The safety of your staff and business will not wait.