It’s the most important element to make you ‘compliant’ in an inspection officers eyes.

The plan lists everything anyone needs to know about your facility in the areas of:

  • Emergency prevention.
  • Emergency preparedness.
  • Emergency mitigation.

If someone’s hurt or killed at work and you have not done all that you can to ensure their safety, you’re likely to be held personally liable, and could face fines of up to $600k and a prison sentence.

A well-made emergency management plan proves that you have sufficiently prepared your staff and business for any unfortunate circumstances.

An Emergency Management Plan should contain:

  • Emergency Contacts
  • Incident Reports
  • Details of the Emergency Planning Committee
  • Details of the Emergency Control Organization
  • Identification of First Aiders
  • Any Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Details of Advisors
  • Details of past and future Training.
  • Emergency Analysis
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Emergency Plans


Preparing an Emergency Management Plan is easy with Pre-EMPT:

Use our simple online system of templates to create your own Emergency Management Plan, that you can edit and access from any device.

Get your Emergency Management Plan written as part of an on-going service, and ensure you are fully compliant in every aspect of emergency preparedness, all year round.


And every plan needs to be different too.

We can identify your current levels of compliance to the various Australian Standards and Legislations, and work with you to ensure you’re 100% up to scratch.

Overwhelmed with all the compliance requirements?