Be sure that everyone knows what to do in an evacuation situation, and keep your business safe.

This is best way to ensure your Emergency Response Procedure is compliant to Australian Standards 3745-2010.

We will observe your evacuation drill on-site, and suggest crucial improvements to your procedure based on real life examples and experiences.


This course is for:

All frequent building occupants.

Topics Covered:

  • Test of the Emergency Response Procedure.
  • Identify shortcomings in your evacuation plan and technique.
  • Test the knowledge of the Chief Warden and Wardens.
  • Improve your evacuation plan so it’s as efficient as possible.
  • Assurance that every occupant knows and understands the evacuation procedure.
  • Assurance that your evacuation exercises are keeping your business compliant.

Don’t put your staff and customers at risk, let’s get your evacuation procedure as safe and efficient as possible.