Give your staff the confidence to know exactly what to do in an emergency scenario.

General Evacuation Awareness training arms every person in your business with the knowledge they need to stay safe and calm in an evacuation situation.


This course is for:

All members of staff & frequent building occupants.

Course Topics:

  • Responding safely in an evacuation.
  • Post-emergency protocols.
  • Passing on relevant details to emergency services.
  • Responsibilities of occupants during an evacuation.
  • Procedures for specific emergencies listed in your Emergency Management Plan.
  • When and how to announce an emergency.
  • How emergencies should be reported.
  • How to use the alarm system.
  • Identifying, reporting and correcting unsafe conditions.
  • Location of assembly areas.
  • Location of evacuation routes.
  • Location of fire-fighting equipment.
  • Location of alarms.
  • The roles of ECO members.

Stay safe in the knowledge that you’ve done your best to prepare you staff for a real-life evacuation scenario.