Warden (E.C.O) Training

Give your Wardens the skills they need to make the right decisions and get your business back on track, fast.

Wardens are responsible for aiding the Chief Warden in emergency situations. They’re responsible for certain departments/floors in the building, or specific aspects of the emergency response procedures.

Wardens require more thorough training than the average staff member, and this course is designed in accordance with the Australian Standards 3745-2010.


This course is for:

All Wardens and members of the Emergency Control Organisation.

Course Topics:

  • Responsibilities and duties.
  • Co-ordinating evacuations.
  • Occupant behaviour during emergencies.
  • Alerting and reporting emergencies.
  • Australian standards and legislation.
  • The Emergency Plan.
  • Emergency procedures.
  • Types of emergencies.
  • The Emergency Control Organisation.
  • The Emergency Planning Committee.
  • Communications during emergencies.
  • Providing assistance according to the PEEP.

Give your staff with the skills they need to deal with an emergency situation.