Have you ever considered your requirements for workplace emergency planning?

Section 43 of the N.S.W. Work Health and Safety Regulation (2017) details the requirements for preparing, maintaining and implementing an emergency plan, but what does all of this mean?

Potentially $6000 - $30,000 fines for non-compliancy.

If an emergency were to result in severe injury or loss of life within your workplace, the ramifications go well beyond financial penalties.

  • Loss of productivity resulting in loss of jobs
  • Long term legal fights
  • Threat to professional reputation
  • Ongoing disruption to business operations
  • Negative media attention

If an emergency occurred at your workplace, have you done everything in your power to save lives?

Pre-EMPT’s Workplace Emergency Planners is the first of its kind, a training seminar designed specifically to educate business operators in the fundamentals of workplace emergency planning.

Here’s what you’ll learn-

The starting point for any emergency strategy

Purpose and inclusions of a comprehensive plan

How to nominate an effective fire warden team

How many do you need and where should they be installed

How to exceed training requirements with minimal disruption to business operations

Where & When


May 8th, 2018

2pm – 4pm


May 9th, 2018

2pm – 4pm

There are so many aspects to Workplace Health and Safety, it’s understandable that it may become a blur. Key issues we see our clients experience include:

  • Lack of resources to commit to the emergency planning process
  • You are busy running the business, but


Phil Lascala

is the Founder and lead emergency planning consultant for Pre-EMPT.

With 12+years within Australian Fire services, Phil has all too often seen the consequences of inadequate workplace emergency planning.

Phil leads Pre-EMPT with an unwavering purpose for enhancing life safety during emergencies. They have a bold mission to educate and truly prepare for emergencies; 1 MILLION facility occupants of safety conscious organisations throughout Australia and abroad by 2025.