If your business is anything, it’s your staff and customers. So let’s keep them safe together.

Pre-EMPT goes beyond the tick of the compliance box. When you partner with us, you get an extra pair of eyes, an awareness of the emergency preparedness process as a whole, and the leg-up you need to pass compliance hurdles.


Our Compliance Inspection is the best way to understand what you need to do to keep compliant and stay on top of things…


Graphical representation of a facility floor plan, complete with detailing of evacuation exits and key safety equipment…

Management Plans

A well-made emergency management plan proves that you have sufficiently prepared your staff and business…

Evac Guide

Finally, there’s an online tool to create and manage all your emergency management documents in one place…

Fire Warden Training

Wardens are responsible for certain departments/floors in the building…

Fire Extinguisher Training

A well-rehearsed evacuation drill means less business disruption…

First Aid Training

Our programs are tailored to your workspace and your staff…

Bushfire Awareness Training

This Bushfire Awareness course gives staff the confidence…

Don’t make this mistake with your emergency plan.

A lot of business owners underestimate the most dangerous thing about emergency situations: confusion and panic. Adrenaline and smoke inhalation make people do crazy things.

Good training is the number one way to save lives in this situation. If your workforce is prepared and informed, a well-rehearsed evacuation routine will kick in to action immediately.

Employees are happiest working at companies that look after their people.

Feeling safe is one of the most important needs of every human on the planet.

Create a safe place for your staff, and see an improvement in morale, confidence, optimism, productivity and profitability.

Emergency planning & training creates a culture of well-being and builds a better reputation amongst customers, investors, and potential recruits, and has shown to reduce injury, damage and illness costs by 20-40%. That sort of money will make a real difference to your balance sheet.

If an emergency occurred at your workplace, have you done everything in your power to save lives?

Planning and training is the best way to keep your business on its feet after an emergency situation.

With one quick call or email, we can figure out what needs to be done to get you on the right track:

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