Respond to Emergencies
When an emergency occurs, the time to prepare has passed
educate your staff with the skills they need to respond to emergency situations.
Pre-EMPT’s Respond to Emergencies is our hybrid training program designed to equip facility occupants with a broad range of skills and knowledge to survive and thrive during workplace emergencies.
Combining the most critical components of our Chief Warden, Warden and Fire Extinguisher training programs, Respond to Emergencies will be contextualised to your sites specific requirements, ensuring your people and business are adequately prepared for an emergency.
Course Outcomes
Basic Fire science
Types Of Fire Extinguishers
Types of emergencies
Responsibilities and duties
Co-ordinating evacuations
Classes Of Fire
Fire Blankets
Practical LIVE fire training
Emergency Control Organisation structure
Site specific Emergency Response Procedures
Hands on experience:

WARNING: This training session is highly practical

Each participant will have the opportunity to use a fire extinguisher & fire blanket on a REAL training fire to get hands-on experience!
No animations or pretending here!
Wishing won’t keep you safe, emergency preparedness will.
Always be prepared, expect the unexpected. High quality training as a risk management tool is a proven strategy that improves an organisations ability to recover when emergencies occur.
Course Specifics
3 hours
Typically limited to 15 per session
Combine with
Bush Fire Awareness