Chief Warden

Keep Your Employees Safe in an Emergency With Fire Warden Training

lead by example, effectively command and control your people

The best time to be prepared for an emergency is before an emergency. In any business or place of work, there needs to be someone in charge when an emergency occurs. This responsibility falls to the appointed Chief Warden or Emergency Coordinator.

They ensure that the emergency response procedures go ahead and act as the main point of contact during an emergency to ensure everyone gets out safely.

Chief Wardens and their Deputies require the most thorough training and should participate in fire warden training skills refreshers at six-monthly intervals.

Lead by Example – Effectively Command and Control Your Team With Fire Warden Training in Sydney

Designed in accordance with Australian Standard 3745-2010 ‘Planning for Emergencies in Facilities’, our course is 45 minutes long with sessions limited to a maximum of 15 people. Chief fire warden training will keep your employees safe during an emergency. Our course teaches valuable skills.

Fire warden course outcomes:

The Emergency Control Organisation
Preventing Emergencies & False Alarms
Command & Control
Emergency & Communication Systems
Decision Making
Recovery Planning
Emergency Plan & Procedures
Alerting & Reporting Emergencies
Coordinating Emergencies & Evacuations
Providing Assistance According with the PEEP
Liaison with Emergency Services
Record Keeping

Why You Need Fire Warden Training in NSW

In an emergency, you need the right people to stand up and take control. The Chief Warden or Emergency Coordinators act as the primary point of contact, liaising with other members of the Emergency Control Organisation (Fire Wardens).

They will determine the correct course of action for the particular emergency in accordance with the facility’s Emergency Management Plan and assume control until the arrival of responding emergency services.

Take Care of Your Employees’ Well-being With Fire Safety Training

Proper training can prevent injuries and loss of life. Floor warden training can prevent emergencies from getting out of control. Trained wardens will use their skills to keep their people safe should anything go wrong.

At Pre-EMPT Pre Emergency Planning and Training, our values include integrity, connection, and innovation. We believe that with the right training and encouragement, any fire warden can survive in an emergency and thrive.

45 minutes
Typically limited to 15 per session
Combine with
Fire Warden [E.C.O.]
Evacuation Exercise