Easily train & on-board staff
Pre-EMPT offers a broad library of pre-built emergency management and compliance modules to help businesses prepare their workforce. Meeting industry specific compliance requirements and duty of care has never been easier.
Real, practical industry content
Pre-EMPT’s library of pre-built modules have been created by experienced emergency planning consultants and learning development practitioners. Pre-EMPT keeps it real by delivering practical content, providing clear information about the subject matter.
Training on your terms
Pre-EMPT’s online learning is responsive, designed for delivery on any web-enabled device. This ensures access at times most convenient to your teams.

Train from anywhere, at any time.

Flexible learning styles
Pre-EMPT recognises the importance of maintaining learners attention.
We’ve applied contemporary design techniques, including clean, simple screens, graphics and quick link videos, and keep each module to an appropriate timeframe in line with the subject.
Reporting & Reminders
Use company-wide reporting, quick filtering and automatic reminders to ensure your business always meets industry compliance.
Module Summaries
Introduction to Emergency Planning (E.P.C.)
WHS compliance requirements
Developing, managing and maintaining an emergency plan
Establishing and managing an ECO
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General Emergency & Evacuation Awareness
Occupant responsibilities within the emergency response procedures
Recognising, reporting or correcting unsafe conditions when appropriate
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Working From Home SAFELY
Conducting a Risk Assessment
Workstation setup and Ergonomics
Mental Health
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Fire Warden Refresher (E.C.O.)
Duties of the ECO as described within an emergency management plan
Responding to alarms and reports of emergencies
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Bush Fire Awareness
Hazards associated with Bush Fires
Bush Fire behaviour
Preparing yourself, property and business
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First Attack Fire Equipment
Basic fire science including the 6 classes of fire
Identify and select the correct first-attack equipment- Fire extinguishers, fire blanket, fire hose reel
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