Your staff and customers need to know the quickest way out in an emergency.

Emergency situations are confusing and scary. Evacuation diagrams show staff and customers:

  • Where they are in the building
  • The quickest route to safety
  • Where first attack fire-fighting and first aid equipment is
  • Where to assemble once evacuated
  • What emergency numbers to call

Evacuation diagrams are required by law. Ours exceed Australian Standard 3745:2010 and are valid for up to 5 years.

Our evacuation diagrams surpass Australian Standard 3745—2010 and feature:

  • “You are here”
  • Assembly Points
  • Exit Routes
  • Fire-Fighting Equipment
  • First Aid Equipment
  • Building Layout
  • Emergency Phone Points
  • Your logo/branding

Get your Evacuation Diagrams branded with your company logo for free!


Our delivery and production

time is lightning fast.

Evacuation diagrams in clear view show that you care about their safety.

We can install your diagrams in professional-looking frames, to fit your company image. Each one is orientated with the layout of your building, according to where the diagram will be located.

What position would your business be in if your staff didn’t know the location of safety equipment?

Keep your staff in the know. This could save your business.

We also work with resellers to produce evacuation diagrams for their customers. Interested? Let’s chat!